I’m a 26 year old female, struggling with a combination of a high sex drive and low self esteem.I used to work as a stripper/lapdancer, and used to adore the gratification I got from men wanting me.I was only 21 when I started stripping, and was in a long term relationship. I would look for further encounters to satisfy my needs.

Womensex s chat talk-58

But for the majority of that relationship I was fairly well behaved.

That is, I had minor slips, and quite a few instances of cyber and text explicit chat.

Things really came to a head at the beggining of this year when I got involved with a married man.

Only ever on the internet, nothing physical happened. The relationship soon ended, despite our best efforts.

I also confessed to him about my previous infidelity.

We have since decided to make another go of things.My problem is this: I cannot stop myself from thinking about/wanting sex with other men.I convinced myself its just that I wasn’t happy in that relationship, and so ended it after 5 years. It was like the stopping mechanisms to make me not sleep around weren’t there anymore and I had more one night stands and sexual partners.I then met a man who I fell totally in love with, and who for a time, made me very happy.So happy that I felt like I had my ‘cheating’ desires in check.I had one slip toward the begining of our relationship.