The site was accidentally uncovered by Mark Mickels, and also by farmworker Moises Aguirre Calzada on May 27, 1987, while installing an irrigation line.

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These events are free and only require possession of a Discover Pass to park.

Here is this summers listing of events: Saturday, July 9th at .

Rich Beausoleil, Cougar & Bear Specialist with Fish & Wildlife Located at the Amphitheater Program about bears and cougars/local information July 23, 1-3 pm.

@ Boat Launch in the South Park Water Safety Day with Paul Nelson of Chelan County PD – Demonstrations – Handouts – Boating safety checks July 30, pm.

@ Amphitheater in the South Park Alpen Folk, a Bavarian Alpen Horn group from the Leavenworth area – Musical performance followed by a question & answer session August 13, pm.

@ Amphitheater in the South Park Ecclectic Cloggers, a lively clogging group returning again from last years performanc.JUNE 2012 HOME Be Rain Wise: control stormwater quality and quantity on your property Algae can function as indicators of water pollution WALPA needs you for the Board of Directors! Clean, drain, dry to fight invasive species Where are they now? The East Wenatchee Clovis Site (also called the Richey-Roberts Clovis Site or the Richey Clovis Cache) is a deposit of prehistoric Clovis points and other implements, dating to roughly 11,000 radiocarbon years before present or about 13,000 calendar years before present, found near the city of East Wenatchee, Washington in 1987.Accidentally discovered in an apple orchard, by Mark Mickels (National Geographic, 1988) it yielded some of the largest stone Clovis points known to science.After controversy over its excavation, the site was sealed off from further digging from 1992 until 2007.