Amplifiers currently produced in China, Vietnam, and Indonesia. Vox Amplification is distributed in England and through the U. Tom Jennings was born on February 28, 1917 in Hackney England.

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Shortly thereafter the Univox, a portable piano/accordion, was released.

With the slow growing of the Univox and Jennings being a successful business man, the Jennings Organ Company was started in 1951.

Jennings made organs and the Univox throughout the 1950s when he decided that a new line of products was necessary.

As World War II raged on, he was called up to duty in 1940, but discharged medically in 1941.

He then went to work in a munitions plant where he and fellow colleagues learned to entertain themselves musically.

This is where he was inspired to go into music and did so after the war was over.

In 1944, he formed his own business trading accordians and other musical instruments.

In 1946, his co-worker back at the ammunition plant, Dick Denney, came to work with Jennings.

Denney was into amplifying instruments and set out to make an amplifier for a Hawaiian guitar.

Denney and Jennings went their different ways as the war ended and many war-industry workers were laid-off.

Tom kept on with the small business and hired a new electric technician.