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updating htc t8585 touch hd2-75

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A month back I had written about my phone, the HTC Touch.

This keyboard will help you forget quite easily the old days when inserting a piece of text on your Pocket PC was a problem! Tone Manager – This is a small app for the Pocket PC to choose different ringtones for your contacts on a per-category basis, with the option to choose which category takes priority in the event of a contact belonging to more than one category. Task Manager – The Task manager application is a bunch of several useful tools in just one tool. Clear Temp – Clear Temp is an application for you to free up memory on your device.

Includes Process manager, CPU usage, Application Manager, Service Manager, Device Manager, Windows Manager, Notification Manager, IP Config utility, Ping utility, Net Stats utility, Registry Editor & Run program utility. Quick Menu – Quick Menu is a start-menu which is very similar to Windows XP start menu. VS Painter LE – Photoshop like image editing application with pretty good effects. VSnap – v Snap is a small and simple screen capture utility for Pocket PCs. Call Firewall – Call Firewall basically rejects unwanted calls. It allows you to clear temporary/unused files and unused registry keys/values on your system easily.

It also allows you to clear your Recent Program List, Internet Address History and boot count. Note M – Voice Notes Recorder with MP3 encoding (Note M) was implemented as an alternative to build-in Notes application’s voice recording feature.

There are many programs for Windows Mobile phones but most of them are paid.

So, I decided to make a list of atleast 25 freeware that is a must have on these phones.