IODP provided diverse drilling resources to meet specific requirements of each planned drilling project.IODP focused on ocean basins to study the interdependent processes with particular emphases on factors controlling climate change, the vast circulation of fluids within Earth’s crust, the nature of life on and within Earth, and the dynamics of tropospheric formation and recycling.

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IODP gave scientists the opportunity to: IODP was conceived in 2003 as a 10-year Earth science and research program.

IODP scientists were drawn from universities and institutes located all across its member countries.

Two previous scientific ocean drilling programs, Deep Sea Drilling Project and Ocean Drilling Program, generated abundant information about Earth’s dynamic nature including tectonic processes, ocean circulation, climate change, continental rifting, and ocean basin formation.

With IODP, scientific ocean drilling continued to provide scientists with in-situ studies of critical processes related to Earth’s short-term change and long-term variability.

The Challenger’s coring operations enabled DSDP to provide the next intellectual step in verifying the hypothesis of plate tectonics associated with seafloor spreading, by dating basal sediments on transects away from the Mid-Atlantic Ridge.

In June 1970, the Challenger's DSDP engineers devised a way to replace worn drill bits and then re-enter boreholes for deeper drilling while in the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of New York, in 10,000 feet (3,048 meters) of water.

This required the use of sonar scanning equipment and a large-scale re-entry cone.

The Integrated Ocean Drilling Program (IODP) was an international marine research program.

The program used heavy drilling equipment mounted aboard ships to monitor and sample sub-seafloor environments.

With this research, the IODP documented environmental change, Earth processes and effects, the biosphere, solid earth cycles, and geodynamics.

The Integrated Ocean Drilling Program (IODP) brought together scientists from different countries and scientific disciplines to conduct investigations of the Earth deep below the sea-floor.