In addition, she has hosted countless luminary tech CEOs as Mentors in her Founder Institute programs, such as Scott Painter (Founder & CEO of True Car), Brian Lui (Co-Founder of Legal Zoom), Joe Bezdek (Co-Founder of Div X), Trip Adler (Founder of Scribd), Jason Calcanis (Founder & CEO of, Angel Investor), Fred Joyal (Founder of 1-800-DENTIST), Jason Nazar (Co-Founder & CEO of Doc Stoc), Jimmy Hendricks (Co-Founder of Deal Current), and many more.

But, working with world-renowned business leaders is not what drives Jeanine.

The most satisfying aspect is to work with budding entrepreneurs at the formative stage, and watch as their idea evolves into a real company.

In fact, while we currently operate chapters in over 135 cities worldwide, Jeanine launched the first ever chapter outside of Silicon Valley way back in Autumn 2009 (in San Diego/ Orange County).

Since then, Jeanine has also taken over the Los Angeles Founder Institute Chapter, and has undoubtedly played a strong role in building the vibrant startup ecosystem you find in Southern California today.

In total, Jeanine has helped launch nearly 100 Founder Institute Graduates across her San Diego and Los Angeles Chapters - including some of the fastest-growing companies from our global portfolio like Realty Mogul, Feetz, and Embarke.

I was working with a group of tech startups who knew how to build technology, but had no idea how to take it to their idea to next level and commercialize it.

In my search for resources I read about the Founder Institute, and it was a perfect solution.

I knew this program could be huge for San Diego, so even though the Founder Institute didn't yet have the infrastructure for launching new chapters, I was persistent and helped them build out the process in order to launch the first San Diego Semester." The resulting program was the "San Diego/ Orange County Fall 2009 Semester", which attracted a large volume of applications and ultimately graduated 11 new companies.Since then, Jeanine has led over 13 additional Founder Institute semesters, and won "Best Overall Director" at the Founder Institute Director Awards.Prior to her work at the Founder Institute, Jeanine was the Executive Director and President of Athena, the premier organization for executive women in technology and life sciences.After serving in that position for seven years, successfully raising funding, and helping countless women grow their careers in the tech field, Jeanine left Athena and set her sights on helping budding technology entrepreneurs.As a result, she co-founded Startup Circle, a networking organization and community devoted to building a sustainable entrepreneurial hub in Southern California.That's when Jeanine discovered the Founder Institute.