For the past 10 days, Frind has promised a response, but otherwise dodged my emails.

I began actually writing up a blog post about this hack yesterday.

This morning, I awoke to find a rambling blog post that indirectly accuses me of participating in an extortion scam, before mildly backtracking from that claim.

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Earlier this month, I was contacted by an Argentinian hacker named Chris “Ch” Russo, who said he’d found flaws in

In July 2010, Russo had alerted me to some security vulnerabilities he’d claimed to have found in the Web site of The Pirate, which he said exposed password and other data on millions of TPB users. 19, I heard again from Russo, who told me he and some friends had found bugs in that let them view account and password information on any Plentyof Fish user.

He said the information was being circulated in the hacker community, and that he could prove the flaws existed if I simply created a free user account on the site.

I did so, and Russo proceeded to read me my registration information.

That was enough for me to fire off an e-mail to Founder Markus Frind.

When two days elapsed and I still hadn’t received a reply, I asked Russo if he had any other contact information for Frind or other administrators. He gave me the phone number of Frind’s friend, Annie.

A woman named Kate answered when I called, but said she would relay my message.

i had to share these threads with my fellow Live Leakers, some people on a bodybuilding forum decided to troll the dating site Plenty of Fish with fake profiles.......are the results.......

Hackers have breached the database of online dating site Plenty Of, exposing the personal and password information on nearly 30 million users.