The singer's dreamy voice is matched by her equally dreamy sense of style. Known for her boho, feminine looks, Jhené has amped it up this summer with bold colour, tie-dye, graphic prints and lots of jewellery. Here's all of the inspiration you need for an end-of-summer wardrobe boost.

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Enter the audiobook, which allows you to jog/commute/self-tan and still become the only person in your book club to actually finish that month’s selection. Turn these interests into extra income while you continue earning money through your day job.” 3. “Are you currently saving 10 percent of your income? Whatever you are saving every month, increase that amount by 1 percent of your gross income every three months until you reach 20 percent.” C. Blitz Facial Bar by Body Blitz in Toronto might just be the most productive facial you've ever had. Work so hard that people will wonder if you’ve lost your mind.

Book the express treatment and you'll be in and out in 40 minutes — that includes a facial massage, extractions and a customizable skin-booster treatment like a vitamin-C or glycolic-acid peel. Naturally, we sought out his best counterintuitive advice on how caring less could get our lives on the inside lane to happiness. While the rest of us were in class and playing beer-pong, he was working at two start-ups and getting up at 5 a.m. Then go out and get ‘There are no useful shortcuts in life’ tattooed on your face — preferably backwards so you have to read it every time you look in the mirror.

Don't let the lack of treatment rooms concern you; the space feels private — but your skin will look so great you'll want everyone to see it anyway. Glean what you can from our enlightening chat with this NYC-based blogger who has a two-million-strong following. We want to go places with our lives, thank you very much! Those boring bits you’re trying so hard to skip are your life.

Cross-Canada options: The Caudalie spa in Laval, Que., offers a 30-minute express brightening facial, while Pure Spa in Charlottetown has a 45-minute treatment. “I have a friend who was a VP of a large company and a published author at 23. And the only way you will be able to own them and survive them is by not giving a fuck about being amused and feeling peachy all the time.

(Actually, that’s what her forthcoming cookbook is called.) Here are her top tips for an “Oh, this? I keep cheese, cured meats, nuts, olives, crackers and dried fruit on hand at all times just for this reason. It’s easy to do and not only keeps everyone happy but also keeps you from working too hard throughout the night. to talk about how her super-saving skills had put her on track to be a millionaire by 25.

Quick appetizers like crostini, dips, olives warmed in olive oil with garlic, herbs and citrus, and toasted nuts tossed with fresh herbs and sea salt are on my menu as well.” 2. Pick an area that can handle a lot of traffic and create a makeshift bar: large buckets filled with ice for wine and beer, a few select liquors and mixers, a jug of water and ice for drinks. While it actually took the Torontonian until she was 30 to reach that mark, we’re still pretty inspired. “I drive a BMW, wear Stella Mc Cartney shoes and have a house that has been featured in design magazines. I paid half for my beemer, one-fifth for my Stellas and ,500 to furnish my entire house.

If I have time, I’ll whip up a pitcher cocktail to pour for guests when they arrive. Try to keep in mind that everyone knows you didn’t plan on having a party but they are certainly glad you did. Here, the now 32-year-old money coach and author shares how you can do it too. Scour consignment shops, estate sales, auctions and online used-goods sites like Kijiji and Craigslist.” 2. “It’s all about using your skills to earn extra income.

And if children will be attending, they get their own table with water, juice and snacks.” 3. It’s all about enjoying time with the people around you, and if that means you open the door in your bare feet, so be it.” S. We polled some of our favourite famous folk for their number-one tip/general secret to life success. " SHAY MITCHELL, ACTRESS "When I'm feeling down, I put on a happy song and just have a dance party." HAILEY BALDWIN, MODEL "I use coconut oil for everything." All your favourite funny ladies are releasing memoirs this fall (see below), but reading = too time-consuming. I teach fitness classes four days a week because if I’m going to go to the gym, I’m going to get paid. It could be anything from baking to life coaching to photography. Women live longer than men and, sadly, still earn less, so women need to save more.

There are more important things in life than feeling like a badass 24-7.