Alice’s family is out there somewhere, and so is her name but it’s possible the squad may never learn it despite finding out about Alice’s Virginia Piedmont dialect.

There’s no one to inform of Alice’s death besides a woman who worked with other runaways and called her Jessie, and there’s no one to attend her funeral beside the members of the squad, Hobbs and Morales.

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When Tao calls in the charges they’re filing against Slider, he regretfully announces that their victim is a Jane Doe, and during his interview Slider shrugs off Alice’s murder because now she’s just trash.

Is it harder to care about people who you don’t know?

Who don’t seem to really exist from a legal standpoint?

The premiere kicked us off with the dead family and an incestuous relationship between cousins, the next took us to a long murder mystery as a falsely-convicted man was released from prison looking to clear his name and murdered.

Just last week the show took us into the world of diplomatic immunity in a case where getting to the truth was like pulling teeth so it’s notable that “Jane Doe #38” is probably the season’s most straightforward episode though, like others, it also has a bittersweet (mostly bitter) ending.

The episode surrounds the squad’s search for the killer of a runaway, but they spend an almost equal amount of time searching for the victim’s identity, and only one of their mysteries is solved.

Alice Herrera is the name on the victim’s library card, but the address leads them to a family who has no idea who she is, and all other attempts at identifying Alice only prove that she’s a runaway from “an M state” who, according to the cigarette burns on her back, may have fled an abusive home but has a younger sister somewhere who means a lot to her.

Her job as a maid for a wealthy family leads the squad to the pool she was drowned in, where one of her barrettes is still in the filter and a recent robbery has the family assuming that Alice betrayed their happy relationships to make off with their things.

It’s as close to a twist as the episode gets that Alice wasn’t actually stealing from the family though the people she ran with were more than willing to relieve the family of their valuables.