In Shadow Hearts you can do combos with characters by watching your battle turns at the top.

Use a four player combo and you can do massive damage and special combo magic attacks.

One thing I really like in this game is that you aren't stuck with specific characters that only do magic.

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The story is a bit involved and complicated, but it is interesting.

I could try to explain it, but it would take nearly 3-4 paragraphs just to do that. Shadow Hearts uses a ring system where a needle spins around a ring and you press X when it falls in the yellow and red areas.

Each character has different sized hit areas and different amounts.

You want to try to get it in the red which is a strike zone which does extra damage, but it can be hard because some character's strike zones are small 2 pixel slivers.

You can acquire expansions for these areas and you can customize your ring.

Once you get good you can increase the amount of hit areas, but they become smaller.This ring is used for everything from items, special attacks, and magic.Publisher: Midway Developer: Nautilus Release Date: 9/27/2004 Rating: Teen MSRP: .99 Also Available On: PS2 Exclusive The Good: Engaging story, ring system fully immerses the player in the combat, fun and frequent boss fights, memorable characters, crest magic allows everyone to use magic The Bad: Random battles are really annoying, maze like levels are down right frustrating, poor pacing, spotty voice acting, some level grinding is required to finish the final boss, acquiring abilities by fighting certain people and talking means you end up missing them Shadow Hearts is a JRPG that is all about politics and religion, of course what JRPG isn't?Covenant has a very interesting story with memorable characters, however the pacing is a bit off.You play as Yuri, a young man stricken with a curse called the Mistletoe.This locks out his inner powers inside his heart and you are trying to find a cure for it.