While she remains a virgin with humans, she insists she has a full, loving relationship with the wall.

Her first infatuation was with Lance, a bow that helped her to become a world-class archer, she is fond of the Berlin Wall and she claims to have a physical relationship with a piece of fence she keeps in her bedroom.

But it is the Eiffel Tower she has pledged to love, honour and obey in an intimate ceremony attended by a handful of friends.

She has changed her name legally to reflect the bond.

(Source) 39-year-old Liu Ye from Zhuhai city, China, has married himself in front of more than 100 guests at a traditional courtyard.

He, and the foam cut-out of himself in a red bridal dress, were attended by one bridesmaid and one groomsman.

On the way out he bowed to the ancestors and to senior guests in return for blessings.

Lui denies being gay but says he could be "a bit narcissistic" according to local media reports.

"There are many reasons for marrying myself, but mainly to express my dissatisfaction with reality," Lui said. My definition of marriage is different from others." (Source) Eija-Riitta Berliner-Mauer, 54, whose surname means Berlin Wall in German, wed the concrete structure in 1979 after being diagnosed with a condition called Objectum-Sexuality.

Mrs Berliner-Mauer, whose fetish is said to have its roots in childhood, claimed she fell in love with the structure when she first saw it on television when she was seven.

She began collecting "his" pictures and saving up for visits.

On her sixth trip in 1979 they tied the knot before a handful of guests.