This week on Sex Talk Tuesday, Adult Friend Finder of Friend Finder Networks, LLC joined us to discuss opening up the relationship via technology.

A great many had a wealth of opinion about the state of the dating world, as it pertains to the technology used and many had passionate beliefs about it! [Read more...]This week on Sex Talk Tuesday, Tyomi Morgan (@Glamazontyomi) guest moderated a chat about how arousal stems from foreplay!

Some even shared what those stories inspired them to do! [Read more...]This week the topic was masturbation & solo sex guest moderated by Jenny Block!

Many feel that masturbation is a healthy and natural thing. It was a spirited conversation with many contributors saying a variation of the above. [Read more...]This week on Sex Talk Tuesday we were joined by Addie of @My Tickle Trunk.

She discussed Group Sex with us and there were opposing camps as to it’s worth in a relationship.

We tackled the topic: Looks and attraction Questions: Q1 Is the only universal in human sexuality variability? #Sex Talk Tuesday Q2 True or False: Men's looks matter to heterosexual #women only somewhat. Our topic for discussion this week was BBW Sex & Love with Sammee Matthews guest moderating.

The conversation ranged from fetishism to anal sex. Some of the tweets that illustrate this were: Bianca …

[Read more...]This week on #Sex Talk Tuesday Thien-Kim Lam (@Bawdy Book Worms) joined us to talk about Erotic Novels.

As you can imagine it was a fun and lively talk with many sharing the stories that inspired them in the bedroom.

[Read more...]Zoey Trope was our wonderful guest moderator talking about open relationships.

Zoey is an LA-based kinkster and writer perving on the internet since AOL chat room days and has been drifting down the rabbit hole since.

As a college student, she began writing about her sex life and her exploration …

[Read more...]Great chat this week on #Sex Talk Tuesday. [Read more...]It was a spirited week on Sex Talk Tuesday.