Then I got to know a man – online only – who became a close cyber friend.

I didn’t miss it, because I didn’t know what sexual pleasure was.

Senior sex chatroom-67

Touching myself does feel nice, but I don’t have a lot of sensation, probably due to age and lack of use.

Can you help me with other ideas for stimulating myself?

I’ve only been using my fingers and I’d like to try a vibrator – frankly, my arm and fingers get tired!

Now I love touching myself, especially alone in the shower or even walking around the house naked when I’m alone.

I love making my nipples hard and I’ve discovered my clitoris.

Lately I’ve been trying to stimulate myself to orgasm.

I’m not sure if I’ve ever really had an orgasm and now I wonder if it may be too late.

I met him in a chat room for seniors (not a specific “sex” chat room).

Our friendship developed until we became intimate online – by intimate I mean just words on our screens.

He helped me feel sexy and more comfortable with my body.

Before my cyber friend encouraged me, I never used to explore or touch myself at all, but with his prompting, I started to discover how pleasurable it was to have sex with myself.