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A necessary condition for vision: the entrance of light into the eye.xistence de deux types de sources de lumire : The light beam. Sun-Earth-Moon Phases of the Moon, eclipses: simplified interpretation. It heats up and transfers part of the energy received from outside the form of heat.

First notions of colored lights: - As a filter; - Continuous spectrum; - Superposition of colored lights. Principle of image formation in geometrical optics.

Concentration of energy with the thin lens convergent. Safety: danger of direct observation of the sun through a converging lens. Vision results from the formation of an image on the retina.

Experimental approach to corrections of the defects of the eye (myopia, hyperopia).

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Electricity, chemistry, mechanics, optics are common themes at all levels.

Existence of two types of light sources: - Primary sources (stars, sun ...); - Scattering objects (planets, satellites, white walls ...). Own shadow, shadow and shadow cone: interpretation in terms of light rays.

- The light can propagate in a vacuum and in transparent media like air, water and glass.