Shortly after reviewing the Dune BD Prime HDI announced a new lineup of Dune’s called the Smart series.

Navigate to the ‘Game’ tab on your PS3 dashboard and select ‘Install Package Files’. Next choose on the USB and let PS3 install the package files.

About six months ago I had the pleasure of reviewing the Dune BD Prime 3.0 Blu Ray Media Player.

The player has been rock solid in my setup, and with the addition of third party jukeboxes such as Zappiti it has provided an experience in certain respects equal to an HTPC.

Go to the Settings tab on your PS3 dashboard and select ‘System Update’.

Check out this video from Geohot showing the PS3 jailbreak and installing of the test package.

PS3 jailbreak too does the same, it lets you install custom packages. Thanks to Stealth Bravo for the above jailbreak guide.

Jailbreaking is all about installing 3rd party software, that are officially not allowed. Jailbreaking PS3 has opened up the doors, so we need to wait and see what all custom packages are going to be out.

Geohot, the i Phone hacker who gave us the Limera1n exploit, has been trying his hand at jailbreaking Sony Play Station 3 since quite a while.

After a recent discovery of exploit by a German team fail0verflow, Geohot has released PS3 root keys on his website : You cannot install or play pirated games on PS3 after jailbreak.

Here are the steps to jailbreak PS3 on 3.55 using Geohot’s jailbreak tool. Download PS3 Jailbreak and unzip it on your desktop. Take a USB pen drive and in it’s root create a folder named ‘PS3’.

PUP file (from the unzipped file you downloaded in Step 1) to ‘UPDATE’ folder on your USB flash drive.