La consultation of whichever document contained on this situated one is classified to a public adult and in places in which the document consultation such it turns out in conformity with the customs, the rules and the laws in vigor. Acropolis.10, Back Door-NM When launched, the Trojan opens a network connection on ports 3273. Parimenti, whichever not authorized reproduction of the content of this situated one is formally vietata.

It introduces moreover of the situations to sexual character that put in scene of eterosessuali, bisexual, homosexual or transessuali the persons.

Translated from Italian to English: This is the disclaimer: Attention: situated classified to the adults This situated one contains of the elements audiovisual aids (images, clip video) and/or of the witnesses to erotico and pornografico character.

It is unknown whether legacy versions of this trojan are still in circulation. This will dial a pornographic number causing massive telephone charges.

Compressed with ASPack Their website is listed as not active. Acidoor.11 Acidoor is a Trojan that gives a hacker unauthorized access to your computer. It is unknown whether this trojan is still in circulation.

this material to minors or any other person who can be victim or who do not fulfill these conditions. Acid Battery Features: "fun stuff", hide C-A-D, freeze sys, FTP, screendump, ICQ sniffer, msgbomb, delete files, shut down system.

Btw if you add a cool feature please remember this is an open source project..." Functions - Lists most of the commands (description of command) - Hide a task from control + alt + delete - Show a hidden task in control + alt + delete - List Contents of Current Directory - List Contents of Current Directory - Change To Specified Directory/Drive - Clear Screen - Kill Process by PID (Shown in PS) - Shows Running Processes - Deletes Specified Files - Change Port Acid Shiver Listens on (Until Next Reboot) - Change to default Windows Desktop folder - Change to Windows Recent folder - Change to default WS_FTP folder - Show Version Number of Acid Shiver - Show physical, RAM, CD-ROM, and Network drives - Relay connection to host on port, Control + C to abort - Sendkeys to active window - Show Ethernet stats and physical address - Rename the users computer - Shows DOS Environment variables - Beeps the specified number of times - Type ' CDROM' for more information - Terminate Acid Shiver - Rename a specified disk drive - Type ' Shutdown' for more information - Retrieves information on specified drive - Disconnect a session by socket index show in ' STATUS' - Shows users current system date - Shows some general system information about host and user - Show the state of all sockets used since last reboot - Retrieve specified file - Retrieve specified file in hex form - Run the specified shell command - Run the specified command and display results (may lock up) - Make a new directory - Remove a directory and all files and subdirectories inside - Copy file1 to file2 Also known as: Back Door-DE, Backdoor. Active-X Control installation can be vaccinated against by using the Free SPG Blocklist at known as: Acid Shiver Backdoor. Everything is command line based but it's still a very good Trojan.List of spyware, adware, malware, keyloggers, trojans, virusses and other nasties. This gives a remote operator the capability to use your computer to send messages using m IRC.With full details and removal instructions Look it up in the list below or search our database. Also known as: Adware-Activ Shop(Mcafee) Activshopper Activ shopper Activeshopper Dealbar This program adds a sidebar with Internet Explorer.Also known as: Matrix Dialer 123 mania This is a spanish born adware. The side bar keeps launching every time something is searched on famous search engines like Google, Yahoo, MSN,, Ask, AOL,., and shopping sites like Shopping Portal Dialer Translated roughly from the vendor in Spanish: "Contract of User: Using our program you specifically recognize and accept the following warnings and conditions: 1) the access to this Web, ace ? Also known as: 411 Active Search Wast Giant Explorer 411 Ferret This software program is much like their other two products siteguide and travelcover.