I mean I was all ready to write about how I had a beer that most Westerners have never even had the opportunity to try and it was made by the Beer Lao people and it was like ambrosia, saved just for weddings and celebrations.

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The only time I saw it commercially available it was in a rural are and only being sold by the case so that seemed to back up her statement. Maybe is had gone off (it was part of a display in the reception area of the headquarters) but I haven’t seen it for sale since so I can’t have a second to see.

I would love to say it was just as good as Beer Lao or Beer Lao Dark (Dam) or Beer Lao Gold, but it wasn’t.

Honestly I could describe the taste, but I was so disappointed that I forced that taste memory out of my head.

I belong to the North Eastern Indian state of Manipur.

My dad is an engineer in Oil and Natural Gas and my mom is a teacher in a Christian Mission School.

I should interject here that any persons heading to Lao in the next 6 months to a year (check the post’s date) should inquire before deciding to head out to the Beer Lao brewery for a tour.Currently, they are doubling the brewery’s capacity and the tours have been stopped.It was a flat and kind of uneventful little bike ride ~9 miles but it almost didn’t have any payoff at all.Let’s just say that the corporate office wasn’t prepared for an American and a Belgian to waltz in and try to at least get a cold beer for their troubles after riding out from the city center.But after a bit of cajoling we managed to get a bottle of Lane Xang out of them.It’s a beer made by Beer Lao, but is not commonly available in stores or restaurants.