If not for a distressed drunk dial, the Bay Area police sex scandal sending shock waves through police departments across the region might still be undercover.

Celeste Guap, the teenage prostitute whose exposure of her relationship with deceased Oakland police officer Brendan O'Brien opened up a rabbit hole of police misconduct, has alleged that she had sex with more than 30 local officers, including four when she was underage.

KING: Suicides by cops under investigation are troubling Guap’s recent tell-all implicated officers from seven police agencies: 16 from Oakland, six from Richmond, four from the Alameda County Sheriff's Office, three from San Francisco, one from Livermore, one from the U. military's Defense Logistics Agency and a Contra Costa County sheriff's deputy Guap claims she had sex with "about 10 times" before she turned 18.

The sexual misconduct spreads through the ranks from street cops to bureau bigwigs — Guap claims she had sex with sergeants, captains and even a police dog handler.

"There was this one time we dated in the car and he had his K-9 watching us from the backseat," she said.

Guap, who has been the victim of sexual exploitation since she was 12, soon became renowned, spreading by word of mouth across the Bay Area police blotter.

"I would get texts like 'I'm an Oakland cop, too,' " Guap said.

"They would straight up be like 'Oh yeah, my friend told me about you.' " She claims an additional 15 officers engaged her in sexually explicit chats.Only three of the 30 officers Guap slept with paid her for sex, she said, but it is clear that her services came with a price.Oakland police chief resigns amid cop sex scandal O'Brien killed himself hours later.In his suicide note, O'Brien named three fellow Oakland Police officers, including a sergeant, who he alleged were involved in sexual relationships with Guap.The Alameda County District Attorney's Office launched an investigation into both O'Brien's suicide and the suspicious circumstances surrounding the death of his wife after the officer’s death.But the three corrupt cops in Oakland were just the tip of the iceberg.