so when the input is not correct, the form won't be posted.

Based on my testing , after doing the above your problem will be resolved except the "Test3".

I'm afraid that we cannot resolve it by setting any properties unless we change its source code.

net textbox validating-35

Hi Jim Brosnan, My understanding of your issue is that you want a Text Box(or other controls) is limited to input a date or empty.

If I have misunderstood, please feel free to let me know.

I have made a sample since you not provided all the code section which is related to your question. Here is the sample: Hi Jim Brosnan, Yes , I'm clear about your requirements.

I've tested my sample once more and it can adress your expectation.

I have provided two solutions in my last reply, would you please have a try?

If you have any problem , please feel free to let me know. Best regards, Jonathan There is also the issue of the Image Button Posting back to the server on second click (the only way to dismiss the calendar window without selecting a date).

I learned that this can be solved by using a straight At any rate, the challenge to produce working code that satisfies the above requirement still stands...

Thanks for your help, Jim Brosnan PS As for the second example, I agree that using a disabled input field and making the user pick from the calendar has a lot of charm, but , alas, my requirements are to allow the user to type in the date, or select from a calendar...

Best regards, Jonathan Jonathan: I used your sample code and changed the names of the controls to suit my project, however, I'm experiencing some of what Jim Brosnan is reporting.