To make matters worse, Indian parents wouldn’t let their daughters study at foreign schools in India for the same reasons, so it’s clear why there aren’t more Indian women married to foreign men. Indians take marriage compared to people from most Western cultures.Marrying outside of one’s state and still within India isn’t popular either, let alone tying the knot with a foreigner.Indians don’t believe in divorce, and they do very much reinforce the stigma surrounding a child of divorced parents.

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The question of Indian women being married to foreign men can be a tricky one as there are many Westernized girls in India who are in conflict with their families over their own points of view and the way they look at the world.

There are many conservative parents who wouldn’t even let their daughters travel or study abroad, especially in the West, out of fear that they will become , which in India translates into “immoral”.

The problem is that in India it is immoral to date, have sex before marriage, and to divorce, among other things.

Traveling or studying abroad for Indian parents means their daughters will read western books, watch movies and television, make friends with people from other cultures, and eventually marry someone who is not necessarily Indian, which is clearly frowned upon.

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