Morse grew up on this farm, where the family raised Devon cattle for beef, Percheron and Hackney horses, dairy cows, hogs, sheep, poultry, and feed crops for the animals.

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After Morse finished second grade, his parents enrolled him in Longfellow School in Madison, to which Morse commuted round-trip daily by riding relay on three of the family's smaller horses.

After eighth grade, Morse attended Madison High School, where he became class president and debating club president, and placed academically among the top 10 in his graduating class.

In high school, he developed his relationship with Mildred "Midge" Downie, whom he had known since third grade, and who was class valedictorian and class vice-president the same year Morse was president.

Read Less Morse's parents, Wayne Lyman Morse and Jessie Elnora Morse, farmed a plot near Verona, a small community west-southwest of Madison.

Born in Madison, Wisconsin, and educated at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and the University of Minnesota Law School, Morse moved to Oregon in 1930 and began teaching at the University of Oregon School of Law.

Read Less The 1952 election produced an almost evenly divided Senate; Morse brought a folding chair when the session convened, intending to position himself in the aisle between the Democrats and Republicans to underscore his lack of party affiliation. Read More Morse expected to retain certain committee memberships but was denied membership on the Labor Committee and others.

He used a parliamentary procedure to force a vote of the entire Senate, but lost his bid.

Wayne Lyman Morse was a politician and attorney from Oregon, United States, known for his proclivity for opposing his parties' leadership, and specifically for his opposition to the Vietnam War on constitutional grounds.

Born in Madison, Wisconsin, and Encouraged by Jessie, the Morse family held relatively formal nightly discussions about crops, animals, education, religion, and most frequently about politics. Read More During these family discussions, Morse developed debating skills and strong opinions about political corruption, corporate domination, labor rights, women's suffrage, education, and, on a personal level, hard work and sobriety.