NYC DEP Hazmat was on-site on 7/24/2012 and conducted initial air monitoring for ammonia but access was limited to the buildings due to the compromised integrity.

Discussions with NYC DEP Hazmat indicated that the DEP would continue monitoring site operations such as investigation and potential demolition.

On 7/26/2012 EPA received information from the office of Congressmember Nydia M.

The facility is surrounded by commercial and residential properties in the Cypress Hill Section of Brooklyn, NY.

The facility was a former food processing / perishable food packaging facility that utlized ammonia in it's refridgeration process.

The facility included approximately 150,000 square feet of space and spanned 1 x 2 city blocks.

The initial building structure was constructed in the early 1900s with many additions in the years that followed.

The ammonia system area was within the original building structure which was constructed of steel and brick/masonary facade. Location 3301 Atlantic Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11208.

The facility is bound on the South by Atlantic Ave, the north by Fulton Street, the east by Euclid Ave, and the west by Chestnut Street. Description of Threat Potential release of a hazardous substance, anhydrous ammonia, due to potential impacts from the closure of facility operations and impacts from the fire incident of 7/23/2012.1.1.3 Preliminary Removal Assessment/Removal Site Inspection Results On 7/24/2012, EPA received initial notification of the 7/23/2012 via a news report.Representatives from the Risk Management Program (RMP) informed the REOC of the fire incident and basic history related to the former RMP facility.The facility was formerly regulated under the RMP program due its storage of 18,800 lbs of anhydrous ammonia for its refrigeration operations.While the facility had previously reported the removal of the anhydrous ammonia, the EPA RMP Program was not able to confirm via site inspection due to the closure of the facility.EPA’s initial activities included coordination with the Local FD, NYC DEP Hazmat, and the MTA due to a local commuter line adjacent to the site.EPA informed Local FD, FDNY Hazmat, and NYC DEP Hazmat regarding the potential for this facility to still have anhydrous ammonia on-site and the approximate location of that system and the storage vessels associated with the refrigeration system.