v7.4 ======= - Fixed an error which caused p Chat to enable all categories (channels) on ~all tabs.- Fixed an error which caused few addon messages being shown before older messages instead of after v7.2 ======= - Fixed a little error which caused Lua errors from some addons messages - Added few TLD's in the list of authorized TLD's for URL handling - Complexs URLs should now really work - Chat restoration won't restore anymore messages cleared by a "Clear Tab" command - Fixed few cases with Nicknaming leading that the concerned nicknamed person was not tellable v7 ======= - API & Lib Update - Added URL Handling.URL Links will now be clickable and will open a popup to go to the selected URL.

For now Russian users should continue to use Ru ESO & others addons in order to have Cyrillic integration.

For the actual "space" problem, you can switch to other fonts like "Ubuntu". An old random bug on party switch should also been fixed.

- Keybind "Whisp my target" now whisp your target or your last target if no players are targetted. It now display the last 1000 lines, instead than refreshing at each frame the hidden ones.

Please note that whisps from @user ID cannot be set to Char or [email protected] - Added Nicknames.

You can add for any character or User ID a nickname. Format is Old Name = New Name ( ex : @My User ID = Me ) - Added Open Dyslexic font to the base package.

- Another fixs for Japaneese & Cyrillic (many thanks 2ch) - Fixed Automessages Keybind & New Message - Tiny fixes here and there v6.2 ======= - Fix for Faded messages setting - Added a new option to show last 1000 messsages instead of last 200 (enabled per default) - Another fix for Japanese - Another fix for Party display v6.1 ======= - API Bump (ths version is compatible with both PTS & Live) - Added Japanese support & Cyrillic support.

Please note that Cyrillic will only be available in next version of game.

URL without protocol or protocols such mumble:// or ts3server:// are not recognized.

Ex of valid URL : https://youtu.be/nsg Hyzwmbn Q - Added Format Names to all channels.