Remember what I said about giving them some space if they need it, because the odds of them coming back multiply greatly if they truly love you.

I know this part can seem kind of silly, since the talks we usually plan for never happen.

I know that many times I have planned out conversations (usually in the bathtub – my thinking space) and thought I totally had every possible scenario planned out, and well, I didn’t.

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Trust me and believe me when I say that I know how terrifying planning all of this stuff can be. At the time, it seems like it will never get better and nothing can be fixed and all you want to do is yell “I was kidding! ” but, I can promise going back on your declaration of lesbianism will not fix your problems, and it would just close you up in that closet so much tighter. imagine and plan for the worst, so the terrible scenarios you’re thinking will happen in your head won’t happen.

Keep in mind how huge this secret is, and know that the people who really love you will be okay with your sexuality, even if it takes them a while, which brings me to the next thing to help you “deal” with that fact that you are a girl who likes girls. The awesome news is that we, as humans, tend to well. Take a deep breath now and know that if your “friends” truly love you, they will love you regardless if you are lesbian or not.

Keep in mind how worth it it’s going to be when you’re totally honest with both yourself and everyone around you and you will no longer having this big (rainbow colored) dark cloud hanging over your head!

Know that some people just won’t get it, and so, might not get you.

The good news is that you’re here, so just know that we are 100% dedicated to helping you beautiful ladies out. Luckily, in that “awkward time” I previously mentioned, I had a couple of friends who were already “out,” and I also had friends who were incredibly supportive.

Like-minded lesbians seeking dating, friendship and intimate encounters in your area - Click Here In fact, there are plenty of lesbians and bisexual women who are openly gay who are not all the way comfortable with actually being lesbian and what that means both to them and to those around them. And for those of you still snuggled tightly within your closet, I promise you’ll find a new found lightness and confidence once you peek out into the rest of the world and find your place within the lesbian community.I thank them with all of my heart and am glad they were in my life at the time they were, even though mostly we have drifted apart now. Work your way to the more difficult conversations, such as with less open-minded people or with parents/family.In fact, if you need to, take someone who knows with you for support, or write down some of what you want to say, but it is definitely worth telling them in person., , Read more This is crucial and builds confidence.After coming out to a few close friends who have your back and love you even more for being honest and brave enough to come clean to them, you’ll have a few allies and be more prepared for the harder talks, plus it’s true that practice seriously does make perfect.