Today we are sharing our plan to automatically upgrade Windows customers to the latest version of Internet Explorer available for their PC.

This is an important step in helping to move the Web forward.

We will start in January for customers in Australia and Brazil who have turned on automatic updating via Windows Update.

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With automatic updates enabled through Windows Update, customers can receive IE9 and future versions of Internet Explorer seamlessly without any “update fatigue” issues.

Wider deployment of the most up-to-date browser benefits the Web in other ways as well.

Developers and online businesses can rely on better browsers to deliver richer and more capable Web experiences.

As always, when upgrading from one version of Internet Explorer to the next through Windows Update, the user’s home page, search provider, and default browser remains unchanged.

Good for Consumers, Developers and Enterprises The Web overall is better – and safer – when more people run the most up-to-date browser.

Our goal is to make sure that Windows customers have the most up-to-date and safest browsing experience possible, with the best protections against malicious software such as malware.

For consumers, the safety benefits are one of the key reasons that the industry has been moving towards automatic updates as the norm.

This is increasingly important since the biggest online threat these days is socially engineered malware, which typically targets outdated software like Web browsers.

The latest Microsoft Security Intelligence Report, which is based on data from over 600 million systems in over 100 countries, is good reading to give you a sense of risks that stem from outdated software.