Poptropica® is a virtual world in which kids explore and play in complete safety. We welcome parents and fans over the age of 13 to follow us for updates on new releases and features, as well as other exciting news on Poptropica.Every month, millions of kids from around the world are entertained and informed by Poptropica's engaging quests, stories, and games. The only official Poptropica social media pages: Can I change my username and / or password? Players can register a parent email address with Poptropica.

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I created a cool character, but how can I save my game?

To save your game, click on the "Save" button in the bottom right corner. After that, you will need to click the "Save and Quit" button to save your current progress.

If you exit Poptropica and you want to continue playing your saved game, just click on the "Returning Player" button, then enter your username and password.

One of the cards in my inventory won't work on every island. Some items and abilities gained in-game are only accessible to use on certain islands.

To reset the password, begin by entering the username on the Returning Player login page, without entering any password, and then click the "OK" button. Click that "forgot password" link, and then click the "OK" button.

Poptropica will send an email to the parent with instructions for creating a new password for the child's account.If the player's account does not have a parent email address recorded and verified for this purpose, you can contact customer service for assistance. Then access the inquiry form here: For Players When I try to save my game, I keep getting a message that my password is too easy, even though it's very long, with different numbers and letters.Passwords must be at least five characters long and cannot contain your user name.If your character has gained a jetpack and can fly, the jetpack may only be usable on the island it was retrieved.Many items purchased in the Poptropica Store can be used only on the older Poptropica islands. I still have the username and password, but when I tried it, it wasn't available. If you keep returning to your saved game, your character and items will always be available.If you don't return for 6 months, your game is removed from Poptropica. In order to create a Multiverse room, you must purchase the Multiverse card in the Poptropica store.