While Filipino Cupid obviously costs a lot more than a free dating site such as Date In Asia, free dating sites are usually a false economy.

Filipino Cupid is one of the biggest Asian niche dating sites that focusses on the Philippines. The site is predominantly used by Western men looking for Filipina wives and girlfriends, although anyone can register on the site for free.

The site is run by Cupid Media, who own a large number of niche dating sites. There are reasonable anti-scam and anti-fraud measures, including the requirement to upload photographic evidence of your identity.

Filipino Cupid was previously known as Filipina Heart.

Don't worry - only the name has changed and the site has all the lovely Filipina ladies that were available on Filipina Heart.

The Filipino Cupid is free to sign up to so you can quickly register and have a look and see if you like the idea of finding a Filipina wife.

Once you've decided a Filipina wife is for you then it's best to register for full membership of the site.

This shows to prospective partners that you're serious about finding a Filipino wife.

The site has an attractive range of membership fees which are heavily discounted if you sign up for a year.

This is useful because if you're really serious about finding an Asian wife it's a really good idea to make some friends in your prospective wife's country.