Secret to success: “I haven’t found it yet - - the secret to success on this track," Allmendinger said. I thought the two day test went really well and I was quite happy.

I was fortunate enough we got to test at Kentucky Speedway.

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We then went through an iambic verse masterclass using the sonnets as the basis for the class.

It reminded me of a similar session some 32 years ago with Cis Berry and John Barton, two established 'masters' in the fields of voice and speaking Shakespeare.

It quickly became apparent that Greg is an embodiment of that same 'mastery' when it comes to an understanding of Shakespeare and an ability to eke out superlative performance and understanding from actors in their charge.

Going round the circle of actors and hearing different interpretations of the sonnets (sometimes two or three actors tackling the same sonnet, getting pointers and direction from Greg and taking a second run at the 14 lines of perfect emotion and argument), one comes away with just how modern Shakespeare always is.

No matter where you have lived in the last 400 years, Shakespeare is as relevant in the age of the internet as he was in the age of the quill and the ink well.

One reading of Sonnet 129, left me saying to Greg “I never realised Shakespeare was writing for an age of Grindr, Tinder and Kinder”.

Cyril Nri is an actor who trained at the Bristol Old Vic Theatre School in the same era as Greg Doran.

His main ambition is to win the 'Best Newcomer Award' at least twice from the same judging body, in different years.

Last Date is a live Emmylou Harris album, released in October 1982. In 2000, Eminent Records reissued Last Date for the first time on CD, complete with new liner notes and two bonus tracks.

Recorded at a series of honky tonks and other small venues on the west coast, Harris conceived the album as a showcase for her Hot Band.

country charts with the title single, written by Floyd Cramer, who originally took it to the top ten on the U. pop and country charts, as an instrumental in 1960.