You are taking certain situations and certain individuals far too seriously.

You need to remind yourself that in the greater scheme of things nothing is worth getting worked up about and nothing is ever as bad as it seems. Try not to complain if what you get today is not what you wanted because it will make important people think you are ungrateful.

Thank them for what they have done for you and, if possible, give something in return. If someone is rude for no good reason today then by all means be rude in return.

An anniversary full moon will bring many challenges but they won’t be so hard to deal with if you make a conscious effort to stand outside yourself and see each situation from a higher perspective.

Life is full of meaning if you care to look for it.

If you get the impression that a colleague or a friend is not being honest with you then by all means confront them with your suspicions.

It may well be that they have been keeping information from you and you MUST find out what it is.

You have a way with words but the planets warn you could go too far today and say things that turn everyone against you.

Think before you speak and only speak if what you have to say is positive. Be careful what you say because if you say the wrong thing to the wrong person it could negatively impact your cashflow situation.

In fact it might be best if you steer clear of money matters altogether over the next two or three days.

Yes, you have the right to say whatever you please but that does not mean there won’t be consequences.

Today’s full moon in your opposite sign could make you a little too outspoken for your own good. Believe what you want to believe today and don’t worry in the slightest if important people do not agree with you.