Despite my offer to interview over the phone and send her a picture of myself, Goldman would not pair me with anyone until I met her at her office, a tasteful midtown suite. The first, a corporate executive, had curly, dark hair and striking blue eyes. Unfortunately, he had this annoying habit of talking about beautiful women he knew. The other guy, a cute, athletic-looking stockbroker, also took me to some nice places, including a highbrow charity function at an art gallery. Neither man was my soul mate, but it was pleasant to meet guys who seemed interested in finding a relationship.Her questions were reasonable and direct (“Do you come from a close family? On our first date, we went downtown to Kiev, where we shared borscht and discussed our immigrant ancestors. And the membership cost pretty much ensured that I didn’t meet paupers-always a plus.

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But ask me, a single New Yorker who has spent way too many evenings watching Brady Bunch reruns on Nick at Nite, and I’ll tell you that I’ve passed plenty of time at parties, gyms, clubs and bars I still haven’t met my prince.

At 28, I’m starting to feel ready to settle down and have a baby with a soul mate, so I signed on with-count ’em! Except for one, all the networks specialize in guy/girl matching.

Each service took me through its standard protocol, from interview to actual fix-up.

Meaningful Connections At this straightforward dating service, owner Fay Goldman first conducts an hour-long interview that includes questions about a prospective client’s education, career, lifestyle and qualities desired in a partner.

Goldman then personally sifts through her client roster (consisting of several hundred people) to try make a match.

Clients are guaranteed their first match within two weeks of joining.

Goldman maintains that she is choosy about whom she accepts as clients. The two men I met through her service fit my profile.

I dated 13 new men, most whom I found to be more attractive and interesting than I’d predicted.

Although this experiment resulted in lots of fun and amusing experiences, I didn’t meet The One.