You might have an exciting career, a deep inner life, and a community of women friends that you love.

Over time, he may slowly become less generous, communicative or loving.

He may “tune out” more often or have bursts of anger and frustration.

Slowly but surely, the relationship withers, no matter how hard you try to make it work.

A common solution is to cast a wider net: more dates, more online profiles, more hoping that around the next corner you’ll find The One.

You may have a detailed list of what you’re looking for in your soulmate, which you visualize every day.

You may do everything you can to make yourself attractive for that prospective soulmate.

The goal becomes simply to “find him.” However, that approach misses a crucial part of the equation, which is the subtle signals and ways of relating that may be pushing away your potential Beloved or even slowly turning him into a frog, rather than a Prince, once you’ve found him.

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