I don't see anything nice about you prying into my career without even getting to know me as as person first 3.Calling somebody out on their gold-digging endeavors isn't a 'tantrum' as much as you want to call it that - it's called keeping it real.'I don't fall victim nor prescribe to this neo-liberal, Beyonce feminist cancer which plagues society and says a guy can't as much as give constructive criticism to and call a girl out on her bulls***.'Ashley was (wait for it, Connor, because this is where things really get interesting), viewing herself as an equal.

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Our actor has had to pay homage a few times in the past two weeks, but has so far abstained from all temptation.

Looks like the puppet master might need to find some new puppets.

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September 24, 2015 This comic actress turned host recently split with her significant other but has been hooking up with them in a classic ex sex move.

The actress said they wanted to get back together, but has also been having sex with several other people and flaunting it all over social media.

Ashley, who lives in the US, was using the free dating facility for women called Bumble when she received a torrent of abuse from her match Connor who accused her of 'gold-digging' after she asked him an innocent question. I now use it as a vetting process to determine the truly shameless and unintelligent ones here.'He continued: 'I don't have time for entitled, gold-digging whores.

It appears that you recklessly brought up work as a front to ask me what I do.'Connor continues: 'Also because I've gotten tired of girls like you who shamelessly attempt to pry into my career (and really the kind of money/ earning potential I have), I put my job in my profile.

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