Halloween night rolled around, and, as is tradition at my college, a bunch of the students prepped to streak across campus in nothing but sneakers and shaving cream.Ever a shrinking violet, I never took part in this, but did. I heard the ringing of the elevator bell followed by some familiar shuffling steps.Us nonparticipants would watch the shenanigans from the safety of our dorm balconies, and this particular Halloween, I had a vested interest in spectatin’. The tent flap unzipped and a friendly face popped in, “Mind if I join you?

Performers Natalie Wall, Ginny Leise, Carly Ann Filbin, Emmy Harrington, Jamie Leelo and Meghan O’Malley will share stories of embarrassing encounters during their traveling storytelling show, “Awkward Sex …

and the City.” Wall, who founded the show in 2013, says audiences should brace for funny, intimate tales of sex, dating and discovery.

“Myself and four other girls are going to tell a very awkward dating or awkward sex story, and you’re going to feel way better about yourself,” Wall says.

I eventually slunk back to our floor’s study tent (the tent erected in our lobby for the purposes of “studying” . We sat pretending to read in awkward tension for a while, his knee occasionally brushing against mine (in that “OMG did he mean to do that I think he meant to do that” kind of way).

He eventually broke the silence commenting on something about relationships in his psych text book. We continued, eyes open then closed then open again.

This conversation turned to the topic of kissing (seriously, it’s like a sitcom, right? I had no idea kissing could be like that – it was straight-up perfect.), and he asked me if I thought it weird to kiss with your eyes open. ” he waited for my (terror-filled) eyes to meet his and laid one on me. We were finally interrupted by one of our floor mates, curious about the suspicious tent-activity (our actions were most innocent, but that tent was tainted from that night on), and in a nervous huff I rushed back to my room.My heart was in my throat, my eyes darted to the floor, and I muttered abruptly, “Uh yeah, that’s totally weird! I spent the next hour gushing to my dearest best friend (seriously I think it was 3 in the morning at this point, she’s a trooper) and didn’t sleep, replaying the night’s events in my head for hours. ” Persistent, he moved dangerously close and, prefacing his next move with something like, “Hmmm, I don’t know . I think I did pretty badly on the test I had the next morning, but it was so worth it. He and I ended up spending the better part of our college careers together, and I got a glorious, much-needed re-do on all of my questionable “firsts.” What was your first kiss like? Strangers will share their most awkward and imitate sex stories at Bier Baron Tavern next Friday.