"We end these conversations in less than 10 seconds," she said.

– He sits down opposite – Today at lunch near these ladies hired me in order that I seduced you.

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"Tomorrow, I will get calls from men demanding to talk to these women," he said.

Every month, the centre receives a deluge of calls from men who want to talk to women executives. Having worked for more than five years as an ERO, she takes pride in her job.

Maria says, by attending calls all these years, she has somewhat understood the psyche of men.

Jansimary*, another ERO, has encountered callers asking sexually explicit questions. "It can get very frustrating at times because we cannot vent our anger on them or block them.

The same person may have real emergency and we have to have a larger heart and help them," she said.

A person is blocked only when he or she calls more than 10 times. "Whenever a call lands, we also get to know how many times that person has called in the last 24 hours.

If it is too many, we know there is a troublemaker on the other side of the line," said Jansimary.

"There have been times when men have sounded very serious.

They answer all the queries and in the end of the conservation ask a nasty question," she said.