By Cherie Burbach If you’re an introvert, you’ve probably been interrupted by someone when you pause to think about an answer.Typically what happens in conversation (especially when you’re talking with an extrovert) is someone asks you something, you pause for just a moment to consider your answer, and in that time your friend (or someone else) jumps in and talks over you.

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The extrovert feels uncomfortable or has a desire to jump in and share their views, while an introvert welcomes the break so they can properly get their thoughts in order.

It happens quickly and occurs over and over in a conversation.

How to Pause Without Seeming Rude or Weird If your friend is an extrovert, they may not get your need for the momentary pause.

But you can still enjoy a lively conversation and keep your energy level up by communicating some basics about your personality. Tell your friend that you’re an introvert and tend to pause just a moment before you speak.

In fact, a momentary pause is all that they need to formulate an answer. Introverts, extroverts, and ambiverts (a combination of the two) all process information a little bit differently.

Extroverts feel energized by people, especially a group, so they will try and fill a lull in the conversation to keep things going.In contrast, introverts aren’t as bothered by the lulls, because they’re energized by one-on-one conversation and internal thoughts.Pausing for a moment to think helps them center their energy level and formulate a response. But that momentary halt in conversation affects an introvert and extrovert differently.This will help keep them from jumping in where there is a few seconds of silence.Then, when you need a minute, put your finger up to pause your friend and say “Give me a moment here.I want to say this just right” or “I tend to take a moment before answering things like this.