It did not feature giant inflatable floats, but instead was just comprised of Macy’s employees and zoo animals. Goodyear Blimp Offers a Free Ride, 1925 Rubber company Goodyear built a blimp in 1925.

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Red Bull recently pulled off one of the greatest PR stunts in recent memory by dropping Felix Baumgartner from space and streaming the event live.

This stunt inspired us to do dig up a hundred other historic publicity stunts. What a Train Wreck, 1896 In the 1890’s, William Crush of the Missouri-Kansas-Texas Railroad had a crushing idea to publicize his company.

He organized a staged crash between two full size trains in Crush, Texas (ironic right? He let spectators view the crash for free and allowed people to ride the train line for the first time. However, the safety aspects weren’t well thought out and a few people were killed after the boilers exploded. Racing to Victory, 1903 Back in the early 1900’s there was a newspaper in France called “The Bicycle” which later broke up into “The Car”.

In order to gain dominance in the newspaper industry and expand it’s market, The Car organized yet another bicycle race.

However, this race was different because it covered 1500 miles. They got 6 times as many followers after the race and of course the famous race remains today. It Was a Lucky Strike, 1906 Back around WWI, it was not acceptable for women to smoke cigarettes in public.

One of the fathers of PR, Edward Bernay, had the idea to get good looking women (but not too model looking) to light up cigarettes in New York’s Easter Sunday Parade.

He had the support of the NYC feminists and the ladies in the parade smoking their “Torches of Freedom” also gained a large amount of free publicity for the brand Lucky Strikes. Parading for Attention, 1924 The Macy’s Parade is now a staple American Holiday event, but little do people know about the original intent of the parade.

In 1924 the first parade was organized as a publicity stunt to draw attention to the department store.