Betzabé Jara (a veces erróneamente acreditada como Betsabé Jara) es una actriz y directora de doblaje, actriz de teatro mexicana; clown teatral e improvisadora, nacida en Puebla, México, 16 de abril de 1986.Conocida por ser la voz de Tamara en Chica rara, Mane-iac y Sour Sweet en My Little Pony, Blythe Baxter en Littlest Pet Shop, Anastasia Steele en 50 sombras de Grey, Cometa en La Señorita Cometa, Polly Pocket y Eleanor en The day my butt went psycho, Lucita en Un castillo en el cielo, Kiki en Kiki: Entregas a domicilio y Betty en Hora de aventura.

Animals appearing on the show are provided by Animal Actors.

The current network's drama executive is Claire Tonkin and the network's publicist is Paula Lucarelli, these associations and people are credited at the end of each episode.

2011 it moved to one of Network Ten's free-to-air digital channels, Eleven, where in currently airs Monday-Friday at pm.

It should be noted that this episode guide runs at the same pace as the episodes originally air in Australia.

(Paul Robinson) is the only current cast member to appear in the first episode and remain on the show, although had left in 1992, before returning in 2005.

The following is a list of characters that first appeared in the Australian soap opera Neighbours in 2005, by order of first appearance.They were all introduced by the show's executive producer Ric Pellizzeri.For New Zealand the guide is approximately 3 weeks ahead (15 episodes).In the UK and Ireland the guide is approximately 9 weeks ahead (45 episodes).The end credits of each episode show the entire main cast and any main cast that have moved from starring in the show, to take on a recurring role, even if they didn't appear in an episode.The episode guide however only contains the cast specific to the episode, along with the crew credited for appearing on the show.