David Woodsmall's Extensive Glossary / Acronym List Computing Linux Unix Glossary Red Hat Fedora Glossary Computing Linux Unix Glossary More sites CAN FAT PATCH AVOID MICROSOFT LAWSUITS?Flaw Endangers Debian-Based Encryption Keys Comparing Linux/UNIX Binary Package Formats SUN is buying: Cluster File Systems, Inc., creators of (LUSTRE File System - October 1, 2007 Judge Rules Against SCO Flash Player 9 Beta for Linux Gets Test Drive open SUSE 10.2 beta5 gold master being released RHEL 5 Beta - Flaky and has omissions - 9/22/2006 SLED 10 Is a Linux Distro Windows Users Can Love Novell renames its free Linux OS 'open SUSE' Su SE SLES Linux 10 Gold CDs are available Asterisk is an open source PBX project, usually hosted on Linux, for example, Ast Linux.bash - GNU Manual GNU BASH Advanced Bash-Scripting-Guide - online book Bash Reference Manual Bash Reference Card - Caciano Cut down on Linux command-line typing with these 10 handy bash aliases bash commands - Linux MAN Pages Advanced Bash-Scripting Guide Bash scripting Tutorial - Bit Bake is a tool for the execution of tasks.

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- Google Books Result Exploring Expect | O'Reilly Media Source Forge.net: Expect Roland Giersig / Expect - org Expect exceeds expectations - IBM shell_exec and expect - Coding Amazon.com: Exploring Expect: A Tcl-based Toolkit for Automating (free) WHAT FONT IS THIS?

- online service determines a submitted Font Type Complete Guide to Pre-Installed Fonts in Linux, Mac, and Window The Font Kingdom: Search, Explore, Create, and Download Fonts for Free] Free Software Directory - FSF/UNESCO "Clonezilla, based on DRBL, Partition Image, ntfsclone, partclone, and udpcast, allows you to do bare metal backup and recovery." - nixcraft Have you tried Clonezilla?

clonezilla's Howto dd - BE CAREFUL - Misuse can destory all data See also DD G4L (Ghost 4 Linux) Part Image Part Image Howto Download Ghost for Linux 0.30 for Linux Coming soon, in the meantime: Changing from GNOME Desktop to the KDE Desktop Is my hardware Linux-compatible?

Bit Bake - Wikipedia Bit Bake User Manual Berli OS Developer: Project Summary - Bit Bake build tool Bit Bake - Openmoko - is the build tool used by Open Embedded Bit Bake - Freshmeat FOSDEM'06 presentation of Bit Bake and Open Embedded See also: Open Embedded See also: Open Moko Blue Curve for Windows XP Blue Curve Wiki Hooray for Bluecurve Bluecurve - Comp Wisdom The Booting Process - What happens, what runs.

A Detailed Look at the RHEL 9 Boot Process Dual Booting Linux and Windows GRUB See also: LILO The Linux Boot Process - Linux Home Networking Inside the Linux boot process Linux Startup Scripts Linux Start up and Run Levels Making scripts run at boot time with Debian [SOLVED] startup stall at "running local boot scripts" Adding a startup script to be run at bootup - Ubuntu Blog The Kernel Boot Process : Gustavo Duarte SUSE Linux Enterprise troubleshooting: Fixing boot problems See also: (mostly Windows) Comprehensive Booting Information List of web browsers for Unix/Linux - Wikipedia Bourne shell (SH) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Bourne Shell Programming Tutorial Bourne Shell Programming Bourne Shell (sh) Programming Guide Bourne shell computer dictionary definition and informaiton Learning the bash Shell

PRID=13161Linux Shell Scripting Tutorial v1.05r3: A Beginner's handbook Bourne Shell Tutorial Bourne Shell Programming Writing Bourne UNIX Scripts Unix shell scripting with sh/ksh sh utility - compatibility with the Korn, Bourne-Again, and POSIX shells See also: COBOL (legacy) Quick Reference for Linux Commands FOSSwire: Unix/Linux Command Cheat Sheet COMMANDS, Useful LINUX Linux Commands - Linux in a Nutshell, 5th Edition Linux / Unix Command: complete - Free Unix and Linux Ebook: Red Hat Linux Complete Command Reference Linux Planet - Tutorials - Linux Command Line For Beginners Linux Man Pages man pages - net LINUX MAN PAGES ONLINE Linux MAN Pages - Linux Documentation with Search The Linux Documentation Project Works Linux man-pages home Manual Pages (man) (Linux Reviews) Important Linux Commands Linux Miscellaneous but important commands Building the QLogic Driver for SLES 11 Linux About Net Backup commands - Symantec Installing SLES 11 on a multipath i SCSI storage device (System x only) - IBM Configuring Multipath I/O for an Existing Software RAID Quick Way to Create/Mount ISO Image in SLED and SLES using GNU/Linux Basic Commands Installing the SLES 10.0 operating system Nagios 3 installation on SLES 11 Suse Linux ( SLES10 ) IPv6 Configuration FOSSwire: Unix/Linux Command Cheat Sheet (more) Basic Unix Commands Unix-commands-reference-card DOS to UNIX Command Translation Unix Man Pages online - The University of Alabama man pages - The Free BSD Project Man pages - wikipedia UNIX man pages csh -- C Shell, a shell (command interpreter) with C-like syntax Csh Programming Considered Harmful Archive for "Using csh & tcsh" Csh Csh One-Liners CSH - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia sh utility - compatibility with the Korn, Bourne-Again, and POSIX shells Archive for "Using csh & tcsh" Using csh & tcsh Linux-like environment for Windows making it possible to port software running on POSIX systems (such as Linux, BSD, and Unix systems) to Windows.

Cygwin Information and Installation - An Introduction to Cygwin Win GRASS: Session 03 Cygwin commands Cygwin Cheat Sheet - Cygwin FAQ Cygwin - Wikipedia Cygwin/X - port of the X Window System to Microsoft Windows | Cygwin Cygwin | Cygwin Ports KDE on Cygwin Cygwin | Utilities Download | PC World Using Apache with Cygwin Installing Cygwin with X11 on Windows - Blog Archive - See for Cygwin + SSH Docs The Cygwin-Apps homepage How to install Open SSH sshd server and sftp server on a Windows mno-cygwin - Building Mingw executables using Cygwin Lifehacker - Geek to Live: Introduction to Cygwin, part I - Downloads Lifehacker - Geek to Live: Introduction to Cygwin, part II Lifehacker - Geek to Live: Introduction to Cygwin, Part III In On It.com: Frequently Asked Questions about Java and Cygwin Emacs Wiki: Porting Gnome Desktop to Windows - Cy GNOME - Cygwin GNOME Running Ns and Nam under Windows 9x/2000/XP Using Cygwin GNU ARM toolchain for Cyg Win, Linux and Mac OS Cygwin/X - Wikipedia GPC for Cygwin Cygwin | DASH - Derrived from Net BSD version of the Almquist Shell (ash).

Debian Almquist shell (DASH) - Wikipedia Bug #61463 in dash (Ubuntu): Script that are using bash could be ...

Busybox trylink shell script - doesn't work with /bin/sh ...

- Tips for learning to program Unix/Linux shell scripts Dash helps Bash users relive the bad old days USALUG: - Dash Shell Aaron Toponce : DASH on Ubuntu Bug#50 4103: free() error in dash under memory pressure dbx gdb DDD - GNU Project - Data Display Debuggers GDB GUI (Redhat, now public domain) GNU Debugger - Wikipedia Debugging with GDB gdb Tutorial Gdb - Free Software Directory - Free Software Foundation Debugging with GDB: Debugging with GDB GDB QUICK REFERENCE - PDF Panic xgdb See Also Program Debugging O'Reilly Computer Dictionary Unix Glossary - Webmonkey Dave's dictionary URLs ** LINUX DRIVER ARTICLES - Click here LINUX DRIVER BOOKS - Click here UNIX DRIVER ARTICLES - Click here UNIX DRIVER BOOKS - Click here Drivers, SITES Drivers, Fire Wire Drivers, SCSI WINDOWS DRIVER ARTICLES - Click here FEDORA 12 - MOUNT OF AN ISO DVD (Read Only): mount -t iso9690 -o loop /dev/sdr0 /mnt/cdrom FEDORA 12 - MOUNT OF AN HDD (disk) ISO DVD IMAGE (Read Only): mount -o loop,ro /Fedora12/mnt/Fedora12 One method of creating an HDD ISO image from an ISO DVD: cat /dev/sr1 test1COPY A DATA DVD to HDD: dd if=/dev/dvd of=mydatadvd COPY AN ISO DATA DVD to HDD: dd if=/dev/dvd of=for a movie dvd: Use: vobcopy dvdrip lxdvdrip mplayer etc.

ELF file layout - wikipedia How to decode a ELF file - Linkedin Discusssion ELF standard - PDF dwarfdump The ELF Object File Format by Dissection The ELF Object File Format: Introduction ARM ELF File Format - PDF elf core file format UNIX (Epoch) Date/Time Calculator Date Calculator SEE ALSO: DAYLIGHT SAVING TIME "Expect is a proper superset of the Tcl/Tk programming language" - IBM Expect - Expect - Home Page Expect FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) Expect - Wikipedia Expect - Exploring Expect: A Tcl-based Toolkit for Automating Interactive ...