Steve Jobs publicly vowed to make the i Tunes app market porn free, telling customers if they want smut they should get an Android.

Whether you want sexy stuff on your smartphone or not, there’s undeniably an appetite for adult material.

That’s why developers keep submitting salacious apps to the i Tunes store – playing peek-a-boo with the public as they are approved and then shut down.

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Popular, well-known brands are doing well, but independent developers are succeeding at the same time.

We see a lot of website launchers and simple picture apps, but have also been getting a number of games.

Sex chat, or video cam apps, such as Sex Chat Live, are also doing extremely well.

Cult of Mac: You launched about a year ago: can you give us an idea of the size of your market?

Jen Mc Ewan: There are over 600 registered developers worldwide sharing their apps in our market.

We have over 500 apps with more coming in everyday.

Since March,we’ve had over 300,000 installations and are really happy about how consistently consumers are finding and adopting us. We expect to better understand the market as we launch paid apps and get more developers involved in building out the breadth of our offerings. JM: As far as categories go, we’ve been pleasantly surprised by the variety.

(See our post about what Android users get a looky-loo at when they use it).

Google adopted a hands-off policy towards this parallel porn shop – and following its pattern of keeping mum about it, a Google spokesperson declined to comment for this post.