(For more information about Computing Edge, visit Altiris and Computing Edge completed their merger on September 30, 2000.

Maybe I should stop beating my head against the wall and make technology work for me instead of me working for technology. I reviewed Altiris e Xpress 5, a new revision of a product that can help any networking professional's quest for a simpler career.

This product enables you to deploy and migrate systems more quickly and can also help you perform day-to-day management tasks.

I had actually planned to review Altiris e Xpress 4, but as I started the review process, Altiris made a couple of significant announcements: First, the company announced that it was merging with Computing Edge Inc., and second, the company announced the availability of its new product, Altiris e Xpress 5.

In addition to explaining the significance of this merger, this article focuses on the new product Altiris e Xpress 5.

(For a complete list of system requirements for Altiris e Xpress 5, see "System Requirements.") Altiris develops and markets PC management and deployment solutions designed to minimize the cost of deploying software, maintaining PCs, migrating operating systems, and teaching with PCs.

Altiris' flagship product is Altiris e Xpress, which is an integration of several Altiris products.(For more information about Altiris, visit Founded in 1994, Computing Edge creates solutions for system management, including hardware and software inventory, software delivery, and help-desk support.Blaine Homer I often wonder why I chose a career as a networking professional--a career where a day is determined to be successful, not by my accomplishments but rather by how many holes in the "dike" I plug.Why did I chose a career where nothing ever works right the first time--a career where I am continuously figuring out just what part of a new technology solution is real and what part is marketing hype?Whatever my reasons, my life is full of endless technical inconsistencies, "fixes" that just cause more problems, drivers that don't work, documentation and a knowledge base that are two generations behind, and worst of all, the endless bombardment of questions from seemingly stupid users.Recently, however, I have come to the conclusion that maybe that is all Iam--a stupid user.