Our staff have over 250 years of combined working experience writing policy wordings, creating policy documents, retail sales, sub agent sales and providing platforms and distribution for Insurance Capacity.We also handle claims both from the liability and property damage sides making sure claims are dealt with professionally, fairly and with development transparency.

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Did you know #Israel is on the forefront of #cyberdefense?

Startup Bio Catch is catching cybercriminals by tracking online behavior and human memory.

The software creates an online profile for you based on your typical usage--including details like how you move the mouse --so it can notify an e-commerce site like a bank if someone logged in as you is not acting like you.

This attempted assault on collective memory was justified by the claim that Palestinian educational textbooks encourage violence.

Earlier this year, Israeli Education Minister Naftali Bennett started to tempt schools in East Jerusalem with promises of extra funding if they adopt the Israeli curriculum, despite the fact that the allocated education budget is supposed to serve all schools equally.In other news reported by Ma’an, Khan Al-Ahmar School in the occupied West Bank has been closed down.bit.ly/2bdbuwq Zeina Yousef Israel’s war on Palestinian education and memory Eliminating Palestine from Palestinian consciousness is a preoccupation of Israel, particularly prior to the start of each academic year, with additional efforts at intermittent intervals.The depletion of Palestinian territory was aided by the international community in accordance with the colonial ambition behind the creation of Israel.The erasure of Palestinian memory has, however, proved to be impossible for Israel, resulting in renewed efforts to promote the colonial narrative in schools.According to Palestine News Network, the Israeli authorities have distributed books to schools in occupied East Jerusalem which have removed references to Qur’anic verses, literature pertaining to Palestinian resistance, the Palestinian map, flag and anthem, and the relevance of Al-Aqsa Mosque.