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THE Koran, the Sacred Book of Islam, comprises in its 114 Suras or chapters the total of revelations believed to have been communicated to the Prophet Muhammad, as a final expression of God's will and purpose for man. It is uncertain whether the whole of the text was committed to writing during the Prophet's lifetime; he himself is said to have been illiterate, and merely to have ‘recited’ the words he heard out of heaven.

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It was during the reign of the third caliph ‘Uthmān (644—56) that the definitive canon was established by a panel of editors directed by the Prophet's amanuensis Zaid ibn Thabit.

To these men belongs the responsibility for the accepted arrangement of the text, an arrangement which is very far from being chronological or rationally coherent; the principle followed seems to have been to place the Suras in diminishing order of their length with the solitary exception of the first Sura, called ‘The Opening’.

Apart from certain orthographical modifications of the originally somewhat primitive method of writing, intended to render unambiguous and easy the task of reading and recitation, the Koran as printed in the twentieth century is identical with the Koran as authorized by ‘Uthmān more than 1,300 years ago.

Since the Koran is to the faithful Muslim the very Word of God, from earliest times orthodox opinion has rigidly maintained that it is untranslatable, a miracle of speech which it would be blasphemous to attempt to imitate.

It is thus the duty of every believer to learn to understand its meaning in the original Arabic; to assist him in this not always easy labour he has at his disposal a great range of commentaries, some of immense length, compiled by learned exegetes in every century down to the present day.

For all that, the Koran has been translated many times and into many languages, first into Latin circa 1143; the earliest English version appeared in 1657.The most esteemed English translations are those of Sale (1734), Rodwell (1861), Palmer (1880), and Pickthall (l930).Self improvement in own God being, create with my future beloved woman huge family house, the biggest masterpiece ever, where love would prosper and bloom in beauty and harmony. You succeed in business, have a good career, lead a full and active life.But sometimes you feel that you are missing a friend, a soulmate, a love of your life or just a date to be ABSOLUTELY happy... Online dating, international dating service and matchmaking for singles in USA, Canada, UK, etc. It's not absolutely free, but isn't a perfect match a sufficient prize for this?